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Cavities are created by bacteria on your teeth that feed on the sugars from the food that you eat. As the bacteria digest the sugars, they leave holes in your teeth due to a chemical reaction. If these holes are not treated properly, they can cause tooth decay and eventually tooth loss. Dental fillings are the best solution to cover up cavities and restore the teeth’s original structure and integrity. Fillings come in several materials such as:  Silver amalgam Gold  Porcelain Composite resin Glass ionomer
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The Process of Getting Dental Fillings

Applying dental fillings is a quick process, but it requires proper examination and diagnostics. First, we will need to check your teeth very carefully to identify where the cavities are. Once we have found the teeth with cavities, we may require X-rays for better imaging inside the tooth. From there, we can measure the degree of decay and determine whether fillings are enough or if another restoration is needed.

The cavities will be cleaned out to ensure that no remaining infection is inside the tooth. Once the tooth has been cleaned thoroughly, the dental filling of choice will be applied to cover all cavities. Dentists use UV light to harden the filling material for strength and durability.

Dental fillings are pretty durable, but they may also crack or chip over time. This is why it’s important to get general dental check-ups. We can observe when fillings are about to break or need to be replaced through regular dental exams.

Get Rid of Cavities and Restore Your Teeth’s Strength

Cleaning out cavities and removing infected material requires drilling and polishing. With dental fillings, we can restore whatever was removed from your tooth and maintain its shape and strength. Dental fillings also help strengthen the tooth and prevent cavities from spreading further. Get your teeth checked and filled today at Endeavour Smiles Group.

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