Dental Anxiety and Sedation Near Me in Endeavour Hills

Suffering from Dental Anxiety? You’re Not Alone!

Did you know that around 15% of the Australian population experiences dental anxiety? Dental fear and anxiety are one of the most prevalent anxiety disorders in the nation. While the remaining 85% may pay their dentists a regular visit and get proper dental care, the other 15% endure their dental problems in silence. This is a concerning issue because, without proper dental care, these people may experience complications and require more intensive treatment, not to mention more expensive dental procedures.

Dental anxiety isn’t just the typical nervousness you may feel before undergoing a dental procedure. It’s a serious condition that presents symptoms such as:

Rapid heartbeat and palpitations
Clammy hands and feet
Low blood pressure or lightheadedness
Feelings of nausea and dizziness
Feelings of panic and disorientation
Withdrawal or aggression towards the dental staff


Should I Be Embarrassed by My Dental Anxiety?

Absolutely not! As dental professionals, we understand how serious dental anxiety is more than anyone else. Our purpose is to educate patients, not embarrass them. While it may seem that dental anxiety is difficult to overcome, you will be able to take control of your emotions with proper guidance and coping mechanisms. For some patients, our help is enough to get them to sit on the dentist’s chair. We recommend talking to a mental health professional to get the necessary therapy before visiting our clinic for patients with more severe anxiety symptoms.

There are a few self-help methods to relieve dental anxiety. Sleep early the night before your visit to get proper rest. Before your scheduled appointment, use positive stimuli for any of your senses, such as taking a nice shower, listening to relaxing music, applying lotion to your body, eating comfort foods, lighting scented candles, and watching your favourite show or movie. Drinking chamomile tea also helps to relax the body.

Dealing with dental anxiety is not easy, but you can get help from your family or close friends. Visiting the clinic with a trusted person can reduce your anxiety and fear.

Endeavour Smiles Group Understands You

We know how tough it is to face your fears and overcome anxiety. Our dental team is ready to help you in any way we can. We want you to be relaxed and cosy throughout your visit. Our clinic is designed with bright, welcoming lights, and our team is composed of warm and friendly members. We will make sure that you get a pleasant time with us.

We provide the following items in our Comfort Menu:
– Ceiling mount Tv for relaxation or distraction
– Pillows and blankets
– Head phones

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