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When to Get Tooth Extraction and Wisdom Tooth Removal

Tooth extraction is often a last-resort treatment option for patients who have severe tooth decay. At Endeavour Smiles Group, we only recommend tooth extraction when the decay has reached the roots and tooth loss is inevitable. We will first examine your condition using the latest diagnostic tools to assess whether extraction is needed or if another treatment option is still available to save your tooth.

Wisdom tooth removal is also a type of tooth extraction, although it requires closer diagnosis. A wisdom tooth needs to be removed once it becomes impacted. Here are the symptoms that indicate an impacted wisdom tooth:

Painful and swollen gums
Bleeding and tenderness
Swollen and painful jaw
Unpleasant taste in the mouth
Bad breath
Pain and discomfort when opening the mouth

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The Tooth Extraction Process

Some patients are afraid of getting tooth extraction because they think it will be painful. However, tooth extraction has become a safe and relatively simple procedure with today’s technology and medical advancements. Although it is normal to feel discomfort after surgery, it is usually manageable with over-the-counter pain relievers. The procedure is virtually painless because we use an anaesthetic to numb your gums before removing the tooth. The anaesthesia will work for a few hours after the procedure. You can take pain relievers once the numbness starts to wear off.

During a tooth extraction, the dentist will first numb your gums. Afterwards, the tooth will be sectioned into two or more pieces to make it easier to pull out. The dentist will make sure no debris or infection is left in the gums. After cleaning out the socket, it will be disinfected and stitched close. In some cases, stitching isn’t necessary. Finally, the dentist will apply gauze to the socket. You will be given after-care instructions on how to replace the gauze and prevent dry socket at home.

You will be given a soft diet to prevent food debris from coming in contact with your newly stitched socket. Visit the clinic again if you still experience pain and discomfort after two weeks.

You Don’t Have to Endure the Pain

Having a deeply infected tooth can be excruciating, but that doesn’t mean you should endure it. If tooth pain is already affecting your daily activities, it’s time to visit Endeavour Smiles for a proper check-up and diagnosis. We also have an emergency dental service for urgent concerns. Contact us or book an appointment to reserve your slot now.

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