Orthodontics: The Key to Achieving Straight Teeth

Do you have crooked or misaligned teeth? Do your teeth make it difficult for you to eat, speak, or smile? Orthodontic therapy is the solution for your alignment problems. This branch of dentistry deals with the positioning of the teeth and jaws and the correction of misaligned teeth and bite. Dentists use braces to fix oral alignment and achieve the straight teeth you have always longed for. Our dentists in Endeavour Hills aim to fix oral alignment and, in turn, eliminate the poor bite that patients have. Here are the conditions that can be treated through orthodontic therapy: Overbite Underbite Crossbite Open bite Crowded teeth Crooked teethe Large tooth gaps Misaligned teeth Misaligned jaw

Get Started on Your Journey towards Straight Teeth

While we highly recommend orthodontic treatments to children as soon as all of their permanent teeth have erupted, we believe it is never too late to get the treatment you need. Whatever your age, you can get the straight teeth that you’ve always wanted with the help of the Endeavour Smiles Group dental team. Ask about our orthodontic treatments through our web form or hotline.
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Metal Braces vs. Invisalign: Which One is for You?

Metal braces are the standard for orthodontic treatment. These dental appliances are very flexible and can treat even the most significant malocclusions and bite problems. Metal braces have wires and brackets connected to the teeth to create a frame that can be adjusted according to the desired alignment of the teeth. The brackets come in different colours, which can be pretty attractive for kids. However, wearing metal braces has several side effects, such as painful teeth and gums, mouth sores, difficulty eating, and speech problems.

Invisalign is a popularly growing alternative to regular braces. Also called clear aligners, Invisalign comes with a set of transparent aligners worn over the teeth to adjust them. There are multiple pairs of aligners for the top and bottom teeth, respectively. Each pair is worn for two weeks, after which the next pair should be worn. The order of aligners should be strictly followed because their arrangement dictates how the teeth will be adjusted. Invisalign is best for patients who only have minor malocclusions.

Our dentist will make the recommendation on the preferred dental appliance for your alignment problems. We offer several flexible payment solutions to help you manage the cost of orthodontic treatment.

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