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Professional Teeth Whitening Lasts for Years

Are you dissatisfied with the colour of your teeth? Do you feel slightly embarrassed to smile because your teeth are yellowish or even dark in colour? The best way to lighten your teeth and achieve the pearly-white smile that you’ve always dreamed of is through professional teeth whitening. This cosmetic dental solution can turn your dull and yellowish teeth bright and beautiful.

Tooth discolouration is not a new problem. In fact, most people get discoloured teeth throughout their lifetimes. The most common causes of tooth discolouration include:

Smoking tobacco or cigarette products
Drinking alcoholic beverages, particularly red wine
Drinking coffee, tea, or chocolate drinks on a daily basis
Poor dental hygiene
Treatment for certain illnesses, such as chemotherapy and radiation
Certain medications like antihistamines
Genetics or a family history of yellowish teeth

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In-Clinic and Take-Home Teeth Whitening Solutions

At Endeavour Smiles Group, we offer two types of professional whitening solutions. The first one is the in-clinic teeth whitening procedure which is done on the dental chair. It only takes an hour for this procedure to be finished. Afterwards, the results should be instant. Patients get up to 8 times whiter teeth through in-clinic treatment. This is the fastest and most effective way to whiten teeth, but it is also more expensive than other options. We offer different payment plans to give our patients equal opportunities in receiving cosmetic dental treatments.

We also have the take-home professional teeth whitening kit. This kit is composed of the same whitening material used for the in-clinic treatment. However, it has different packaging and a lower concentration since it will not be applied by a professional. The whitening solution is applied to custom dental trays that are moulded exactly in the shape of your teeth. You will be wearing the trays for two weeks to achieve the ideal results.

The take-home kit takes longer than the in-clinic option, but it provides similar results. You have the choice between the two options but ultimately, you will get satisfactory results.

Get a Dazzling Smile at Endeavour Smiles Group

Professional teeth whitening is the key to giving you a brighter and more beautiful smile. At Endeavour Smiles Group, we love seeing our patients fully satisfied with their new smiles and pearly whites. We believe that the extra confidence boost given by teeth whitening can have a huge positive impact on our patients’ lives.
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