Dr Sofia Monter, Dentist

Dr. Sofia has been practicing general dentistry since 1989. She finished her Master’s Degree in Orthodontics in 1992 from The Intercontinental University in Mexico and practiced orthodontics for 8 years before moving to Australia in 2001.

In order to be accredited in Australia, Dr. Sofia successfully presented the Australian Council examination with a major distinction as the most outstanding female candidate awarded by the Victorian Dental Women’s association in 2007.

Since then, Dr. Sofia has attended numerous seminars and conferences, including a 2 years Mini Residency in Orthodontics at EODO in Sydney.

Dr. Sofia has a special interest in Early Orthodontics that allows to pick up on dental problems and bad oral habits at an early stage and treat them to prevent major issues later on. She has also been accredited as an Invisalign provider and has a vast experience on Orthodontics with braces for teenagers and adults.

Dr. Sofia is very passionate about what she does and she also finds time for her other passions: her family, traveling, going out and making friends.

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