5 Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

Dental implants are currently the most integrated solution for missing teeth, and there’s a reason for it. Tooth loss is a more common problem than many consider during our young adult years. The truth is that adults lose at least one of their pieces during their lifetime, bringing many oral issues. 

That’s where implants come in. Why?

They pose many benefits that other solutions can only partially cover.

If you’ve suffered tooth loss or decay, you may be looking for the most permanent solution to preserve your unique smile. The plus is that dental implants bring more benefits than just looks!

Not sure about the efficiency of this treatment? Today we’re going to review five reasons to consider dental implants.

Dental implants: 5 reasons to consider them

Getting dental implants as a solution for a missing tooth or several missing teeth overcomes the mere aesthetic factor. They’re the best solution nowadays because

Bone loss prevention

One main reason why we recommend dental implants is they prevent the jaw structure from deteriorating. The root of your tooth generally does this work, keeping the jaw strong.

But when the tooth and its root are missing, the empty space allows the jawbone to move and waste. When an implant is placed in the tooth, a deeply-rooted anchor is set to hold it. This anchor works as the tooth root, helping with your jaw’s integrity. 

The plus side is it looks almost natural!

Implants will stay put

Other dental solutions, such as dentures, can move around your mouth or shift position. This is not only uncomfortable but noticeable to people around. 

Dental implants, on the contrary, are really like a natural tooth replacing the old one. How come? They’re obviously artificial pieces, but they are firmly placed into your gums and won’t move. 

You’ll be able to chew and do everything you would with your natural teeth, and they don’t need further maintenance.

Chewing improvement

Teeth are made for chewing. And there’s a reason why we have each one of them. Lacking one or more teeth impacts our ability to chew correctly as each tooth has its own function.

Chewing problems can also result in oral health and digestion complications. Plus, chewing without one or more teeth for long periods increases the chances of jawbone loss and deformation.

Dental implants restore your bite to its original shape and allow you to eat and speak comfortably.

Self-confidence boost

Let’s be honest; no one wants a gap in their smile. Much less if that gap is in the front teeth. Our smile plays a crucial role in self-confidence, and dental implants are the best way to deal with gap issues.

Even if you haven’t actually lost the tooth, but it’s cracked or discoloured, dental implants will give you an even and beautiful smile.

Long-lasting solution

Implants are crafted in a series of materials as strong as your real teeth -or even more-. Your investment will guarantee a long-lasting solution with around 15 years of duration for the crown, while the screw may last your whole life.

As you can see, dental implants pose many benefits. The best part is with the advance in technology, more and more people are eligible to get them. If you were denied in the past, don’t hesitate to try again; arrange a consultation now!

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