10 Reasons For Bad Breath

Bad breath is an oral problem that directly affects the social aspect of the patient. Why? Most people may think that the person does not brush his teeth or that he does not know how to clean his mouth well. While these may be the causes of the problem, they are not the only ones.

So what are the causes of bad breath? We will tell you about ten main reasons why this may appear.

1. Poor oral hygiene. 

This is one of the main reasons for bad breath and the best known to all. This happens because some particles of the consumed food remain around the teeth. These trapped food remains produce bacteria that, when accumulated in the mouth, cause a bad smell. 

2. Dehydration.

The principal cause of dehydration is not consuming enough water. Being dehydrated does not produce the proper amount of saliva. This promotes the accumulation of tartar because, with less saliva, it forms more quickly, resulting in bad breath.

3. Ketogenic diet.

When carbohydrates are lacking in the diet, a condition known as ketosis occurs. This condition is accompanied by a characteristic odour known as ketogenic breath. The smell resembles that of fruit in a state of decomposition, although it can also smell a bit like metal.

4. Medications. 

Some medicines cause bad breath as a side effect. Usually, this happens because they are drugs that tend to dry out the mouth. In other cases, the medications contain some components that remain attached to the surface of the teeth, causing the accumulation of plaque and bacteria. 

5. Digestive issues. 

Digestive problems are often accompanied by reflux. Reflux is one of the main causes of bad breath. In addition to its characteristic acidity, it also causes dry mouth. Another cause of bad breath from stomach problems is gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. 

6. Drinking coffee.

Coffee is a drink with an acidifying effect on our body. It also causes dehydration as it decreases saliva production. This combination of factors creates a very favourable environment for the appearance of bacteria. 

7. Being a smoker. 

You probably already know that this habit causes bad breath if you are a smoker. But do you know why this is exactly? Smoking dries out the mouth drastically. Also, nicotine accumulates in the mouth, and it takes almost four days to be eliminated from the saliva. 

8. Alcohol consumption.

Although it is normal to have bad breath after drinking alcohol for a night, if you do it regularly, the number of bacteria produced in the mouth will be more difficult to eliminate. That causes bad breath that lasts. 

9. Sticky sweets. 

Candy seems to be specially designed to stick to teeth and cause cavities. Bacteria love sugar, so there is a kind of interaction and accumulation between these two elements, which causes bad breath. 

10. Snoring.

When you snore, you breathe through your mouth. This makes your mouth dry. For this reason, halitosis is a common problem when snoring. In addition to promoting infections, it facilitates the entry of germs. It also promotes tooth decay and other diseases that cause bad breath. 

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