Root Canal Treatment: How to Ensure a Successful Procedure and Recovery

When some people hear about root canal therapy during their upcoming dental visit, they tend to get scared. A root canal is a standard procedure that is not as scary as they think. However, an individual needs to know the process and how long the root canal takes.

This information will help you prepare and feel at ease for the upcoming root canal treatment.

When Do You Need a Root Canal Treatment?

The root canal is a treatment of pulp that is inflamed, infected, or dead. A root canal is needed to treat the pulp of the tooth and prevent any further complications. The dentist is the right person to determine whether you need a root canal treatment.

The following are a few symptoms that may lead you to undergo root canal treatment.

  • Teeth sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Extreme pain when chewing or biting
  • Darkening of the gums or deep cavity
  • A cracked or a chipped tooth
  • Tender or swollen gums

How Long Does a Root Canal Procedure Take?

Most root canal procedures take about an hour or a little more, but some may need extended periods on the dentist’s chair, depending on the patient’s needs. If it is about molars, it may take a longer time. The main reason is that molars have more root canals, are more prominent and are present at the back of the mouth.

It is worth mentioning that most procedures are completed in two visits. The first involves drilling, cleaning the infected tissue, filling the hole and using a temporary crown. This temporary crown is removed on the second visit. The second visit’s main reason is to give the dentist time to make a permanent crown. It is usually made using impressions from the patient’s tooth before the root canal procedure.

As the tooth gets weakened by drilling and hollowing, the crown is used to protect the remaining tooth from wear and tear. It is also helpful in chewing and biting as the tooth can break or crack. The entire process can be created in a single longer visit, where the temporary filling or crown step is skipped. Yet the majority of dentists go for a two-visit approach.

Why Do You Need Adequate Plans for the Root Canal Treatment?

Making a proper plan for your root canal treatment is essential, as it is never a good idea to feel rushed or rush the dentist. Make plans when you have enough time for the appointment to allow for any additional needs or services your dentist recommends. It is worth mentioning that your tooth has more importance than you rushing to the other activities.

Right before the primary procedure, the foremost step is the X-ray. You have to give time to whatever the dentist wants to do. It is suitable for you, as the dentist uses the most significant potential to keep your tooth in place. Never worry about how long a root canal takes; instead, you should provide enough time to the dentist to get the quality of service you expect.

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