Oliver’s Hill Lookout

The best way to enjoy sweeping views of Melbourne’s CBD and Port Phillip Bay is to visit Oliver’s Hill Lookout located at 66 McCrae St, Dandenong VIC 3175. This stunning site sits on the Nepean Highway and offers sweeping views of the city and coastline. You can even catch live music at this lookout. For parking information, visit the Frankston Visitor Information Centre. While you’re here, be sure to follow the Discover Frankston social media account. This is a great way to get ideas for your next trip to Frankston. Click for more info

Oliver’s Hill Lookout is located a short distance from the Frankston CBD, just over a kilometer to the north. You can access the lookout via car, foot or public transportation, including the bus. For cycling enthusiasts, it’s a popular destination and a great halfway point along Beach Road, a famous Australian cycling route. The lookout is open all year round for tourists. Next article

The town was once the setting for an 1862 painting by George O’Brien. This romantic scene inspired many artists, including Fredrick McCubbin and Robert Taylor-Ghee. In 1862, George O’Brien painted the hill’s base with a view of the bay. More recently, a painting by Fredrick McCubbin of Frankston’s bay in 1910 was created.

Oliver’s Hill is an historic lookout in the suburb of Frankston, in the northern part of Melbourne. It is on Frankston-Beaumont Rd and overlooks the Frankston Weir, in the form of a hill. The lookout was originally built by Oliver Whitrod to monitor escaped convict prisoners during their confinement at the nearby Holmes barbed wire fence .

This lookout sits atop one of Victoria’s most beautiful hills and offers panoramic views that take your breath away every time you visit. The lookout was first constructed in 1852 as a means to monitor convict prisoners who were being confined at Holmes Barbed Wire Fence. Initially this small building served this purpose but over time it developed into a tourist attraction with picnic areas, BBQ grills and coffee shops available for visitors throughout the year. During summer months there are many activities that can be enjoyed at Oliver’s Hill Lookout including quad biking, bird watching and milking kangaroos. If you have little ones they can easily explore the playground and make drawings or paint pictures while their parents enjoy some peace and quiet from traffic noise!

When you visit Oliver’s Hill Lookout it is very easy to get to. There is no need to walk up a hill or take a winding dirt road. The lookout is directly located on Frankston-Beaumont Rd and it is very easy to find. If you are visiting in the winter you can cross the railway line and park at the lookout, if you are lucky and there is free parking you can park along Frankston-Beaumont Rd and enjoy the beautiful views to the west. If you are looking for a place to spend some time and have an awesome view, this is the place for you!

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