Dr Claudia Beltran, Dentist

Dr Claudia is a registered general dentist with a particular interest in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Upon completion of her master’s degree in Columbia, she established her private practice providing a full range of surgical services to patients. She was also engaged by Xavierian University as a head of Emergency Dental Department as well as a lecturer in undergraduate and Oral and Maxillofacial surgery master programs.

Training with the specialists in this field, Dr Claudia had the opportunity to travel to Portugal and accomplished the clinical residency from the creator of the All on 4 concept. She has been practising it in Australia since then.

Dr Claudia is member of ITI (International team for implantology), ICOMS (international conference of oral and maxillofacial surgery) and ACCOMF (oral and maxillofacial association of Columbia).

Dr Claudia combines her surgical skills, knowledge and experience from all aspects of her training to perform various surgical procedures such as implant surgery, jaw and soft tissue surgery, extraction of wisdom teeth and treatment of facial trauma. But most importantly, Dr Claudia regards her compassion and attention to her patients needs as her greatest asset for providing optimal dental care.

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