An Affordable Way to Protect Your Smile

When they meet you for the first time, one of the first things people notice is your smile. But are you protecting (and safeguarding) your smile the right way?

A dentist can provide many professional insights, resources, and treatment options to correct many dental health conditions.

Still, even if you´re not presenting any dental issues. There´re plenty of simple ways to improve your everyday dental health routine towards protecting your gums and teeth.

Here, we´ll be giving you some pointers to help you lower the risk of developing many preventable dental issues. This way, you can affordably protect your smile.

Protecting Your Smile: 5 Simple (and Affordable) Ways

Using the right toothbrush

The first thing you should learn, a hard-bristled toothbrush does more harm than good to your gums and teeth. Instead, invest in a soft-bristled electric toothbrush.

Although it might take you some time to adjust, the transition will ensure you´re cleaning even the hardest-reaching spots inside your mouth.

Also, sonic toothbrushes are ideal for when you need to remove plaque-causing bacteria. If you´re unsure what toothbrush type suits you best, ask your dentist during your next checkup.

Flossing every day

Not flossing means that 2/5 of your teeth´ surface are left exposed to acids and plaque-causing bacteria, thus leading to tooth decay and cavities.

We recommend flossing (at least once a day) tooth by tooth and rubbing the strand up, down, and below your gum tissue.

However, if you present bleeding gums or downright loathe flossing, you might try a water flosser instead.

Though it might seem not easy to use at first, once you get used to it, a water flosser will allow you to reach even where regular flossing can´t.

Drinking enough water

Even though it doesn´t physically scrub off plaque, drinking enough water during the day will gently rinse your mouth, helping get rid of prejudicial bacteria.

It also helps neutralise acids and favours saliva production, which prevents xerostomia. Also, try to rinse your mouth with water right after every meal.

This is a great habit, especially if you´re eating out and not able to brush your teeth.

Protecting your teeth from impacts

If you enjoy athletics or high-impact activities makes you more prone to chip a tooth or even fracturing your jaw.

Wearing a mouthguard is the simplest, more affordable way you can protect your smile. Although there´re commercial mouth guards, most are bulky and prone to fall off on impact.

These´ll not only stay snuggly into place. They also help reduce the severity of any concussion you might suffer.

Consider wearing a nightguard

Whether from stress or sleep apnea, some patients tend to grind/clench their teeth during nighttime. This constant tooth-on-tooth friction causes your teeth to wear down.

Your dentist might recommend wearing a protective nightguard to treat this condition (also called bruxism). It places a buffer between your teeth, preventing your jaw from fully clenching.

Do you wear braces, have white spots, or are your teeth vulnerable to decay? Then, using a fluoride mouthwash just before bedtime is also an affordable way to protect your smile.

Adding fluoride mouthwash to your pre-bedtime routine means the fluoride particles will adhere to your teeth while you´re asleep. This will, in turn, help tooth enamel remineralisation.

Finally (save any emergencies), most dental health issues can be prevented by keeping in check with your routine dental checkups.

So, if it has already been more than six months since you last visited your dentist, what´re you waiting for?

Get in contact with our office and schedule a date for your next dental checkup. Our team will gladly help you address/treat any dental health issues.

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