5 Ways to Deal with Dental Anxiety

It might not seem like much, but dental anxiety is a delicate medical issue you should be concerned with.

It not only affects about 20% of the US population. Dental anxiety also makes patients look for every possible excuse to delay (or downright avoid) their dentist appointments.

Dental anxiety might cause patients to develop many other dental issues (or worsen those already existent).

Luckily, if you´re experiencing dental anxiety issues, there´re multiple ways to manage it. Here´re five ways to deal with dental anxiety. Let´s begin!

Facing Dental Anxiety, 5 Simple Steps

Know what to expect

Do people often say ignorance is bliss but in the case of dental anxiety? Not so much. Prepare for your dental appointment by doing your own research at home.

You should be aware of what to expect during your visit to the dentist. So, by investigating online, you´ll get an idea of dental procedures and why they´re required.

Likewise, sit down with your dentist and talk openly about your concerns. If you need reassurance, who´s better than the professional doing the dental work?

Get acquainted with the staff.

Some people might argue that arriving early at your dentist´s office can make the experience much more traumatic, but we disagree.

Getting early to your appointment allows you to get to know the staff. This lets you get acquainted and ask the staff about all available treatments/procedures.

Though they will not teach all the ins and outs of the trade, friendly talking to the staff lets you confidently get to the dental chair.

Also, many dental practices include therapy animals to soothe and relax anxious patients. Petting/cuddling a pet has a calming effect that, in turn, helps relieve anxiety.

Distract yourself

The sounds emitted by the various machines and tools used in dental procedures are another common cause of discomfort and anxiety amongst dental patients.

To make up for these unfamiliar (and often bothersome) noises. Dental offices often have relaxing music playing or a TV in their waiting rooms.

If this is not enough to soothe you, try bringing your own headphones. Phone games or a thrilling read are also excellent distracting alternatives.

Likewise, occupy yourself with high-concentration activities (like working on your laptop or solving some word puzzles). This will help you avoid thinking about your dental concerns.

Peer encouragement

Suppose your dentist´s examining room has the space. Facing your dental fears alongside a trusted friend/relative might help you quickly overcome your anxiety issues.

Whether in the waiting room or during the examination. Your companion will support you by holding your hand or giving some reassuring, calming words.

Consider sedation

If you suffer from severe dental phobia, perhaps you should talk to your dentist about sedation methods. Oral sedation´s also used to relax/calm patients before and during dental treatments.

Nitrous oxide is another popular sedation alternative. Fast-acting and delivered through a gas mask, Nitrous oxide helps soothe patients, allowing them to overcome negative emotions.

Additionally, the anesthetic effects of nitrous oxide wear off relatively quickly. Because of this, dentists often let patients drive home after getting sedated using nitrous oxide.

Finally, if you´re feeling nervous or anxious about your dentist appointments, call Endeavour Smiles Group! Our team has all the professional tools and expertise to help you overcome these issues.

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